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It is in the best interests of state government to purchase supplies and services from companies and entities that create jobs for Ohioans. While it is not possible to purchase all of our supplies and services from Ohio companies, it is possible to fully consider Ohio companies when making these purchases, and give Ohio companies every opportunity to compete for state business.
Encouraging Diversity, Growth, and Equity (EDGE)—The EDGE program is designed to facilitate access to state government contracts an business services for EDGE certified businesses. The program establishes goals for state agencies in awarding contracts to certified EDGE businesses. EDGE procurement contracts apply to: goods and services, professional services, information technology services, construction, architecture and engineering. To meet minimum eligibility requirements, and EDGE participant must be a small socially and economically disadvantaged business enterprise owned and controlled by U.S. citizens who are Ohio residents.

Ohio Penal Industries (OPI)—OPI is an industrial training program for offenders who are incarcerated within the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. A total of 2.8 million work hours were logged last year by the offender population in OPI’s operations. The training and skills acquired through this program better prepares the offenders for successful reentry to society upon their release. OPI is self-sufficient and receives no tax dollars. OPI contributes greatly to the state’s economy by spending millions of dollars with Ohio companies. OPI uses raw materials purchased from these companies for the wide range of quality products OPI produces.
Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)—MBE directs business to minority-owned Ohio companies. To meet the eligibility requirements for the MBE, the business must be a for-profit operation and must have been founded at least one year prior to applying to the MBE program. The owner must belong to one of the following groups: African American, Native American, Hispanic, and/or Asian/Pacific Islander. The owner and operator must also be a U.S. citizen and an Ohio resident..

Rehabilitation Services Commission, Bureau of Services for the Visually Impaired (BSVI)—Administered by BSVI, the Ohio Business Enterprise Program (BEP) enables Ohioans who are legally blind to enjoy careers in food services management. Today BEP operates more than 120 food service and vending enterprises in Ohio. BSVI specialists help ensure success on providing management consulting services to food service managers. Through the Ohio Revised Code, state agencies, colleges and universities are mandated to use BSVI food services.
Office of Procurement from Community Rehabilitation Programs (OPCRP) - OPCRP is a resource that assists state agencies in the purchasing of supplies and services from local organizations that employ individuals with work-limiting disabilities.

Buy Ohio

Buy Ohio—Refers to in-state preference law that entitles Ohio bidders and border state bidders to receive a 5% price preference. Intent of program is to foster business for Ohio products and services.